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JOHN HOWARTH : Showreels

  1. Years and Years (Naveen Chakrabati). Directed by Lisa Mulcahy
  2. Coronation Street, (Clerk of the Court) Directed by Abe Juckes
  3. Amazon (Mr Sharpe). Directed by Ben Tonge
  4. Back in 2 Mins (Jericho). Directed by Nick Turnbull
  5. Downhill (Golf Club Manager). Directed by James Rouse
  6. O Jerusalem. Directed by Elie Chouraqui
  7. Tourism Ireland (Alfredo De Manzo). Directed by Mark Mylod
  8. The Co-operative Bank. Directed by Nadine Weston
  9. NHS Infection Control 1
  10. NHS Infection Control 4
  11. NHS Infection Control 6
  13. Home Grown Talent
  14. Waitrose Commercial
  15. Last Trip To Cardiff

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